Laura Farren

Laura was Bill Farren’s wife and had become friends with MacGyver through her husband. Laura met and married Bill while he was still hell-fighting and while she was always supportive of his job her worst nightmare was realized when Bill was badly burned in a well fire accident which saw three of his team killed and left him in the burns ward for three months. After that, she gave Bill an ultimatum to choose either his job or his marriage. He chose his marriage and they moved to the outback of Wyoming to set up their own wildcat oil drilling operation with their partner Pete Torgut. 

With all their financial resources invested in the well to the point where Laura was cutting back on necessary supplies, she feared that if the operation failed Bill would return to his previous occupation of hell fighting and the ever-present danger of another, maybe this time deadly, accident.

When their own oil well exploded into a hellfire with no chance of getting a fire crew to put it out for at least two months and their lease payment due in two weeks time, Laura was faced with a decision of either letting Bill put out the fire with MacGyver’s help, or losing everything and risk Bill going back to full-time hell fighting. She decided that having Bill and MacGyver working together was the best option and together they were able to extinguish the fire leaving them to start over again from scratch, this time with MacGyver’s help, as he offered to stay for a while to help them rebuild.


Bill Farren
Pete Torgut
Nana Visitor


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