Lisa Woodman

The daughter of a wealthy industrialist Eric Woodman, Lisa came to MacGyver’s aid while she was attending a private boarding school in Switzerland when MacGyver was framed for the attempted assassination of a nation’s president.

MacGyver returned the favor when Lisa and her friend Ingrid were kidnapped by Mike Travers, an ex-employee of Breland Steel, a business Lisa’s father had purchased and shut down the previous year. Travers had kidnapped Lisa to force her father to pay  5 million dollars which Travers had planned to distribute to the 400 workers who had lost their jobs in the shutdown. MacGyver assisted the police in their case and was able to rescue Lisa from her captors.

MacGyver has remained a friend of Lisa and the Woodman family and again helped when Lisa developing a drinking problem after associating with a group of older kids who were using her as a scapegoat to cover their burglaries of local houses while the owners were away on vacations which had been booked through a local travel agent owned by the father of the groups ringleader. 

Cease Fire
Hearts of Steel
Twenty Questions
Eric Woodman  
Catherine Woodman
Mayim Bialik


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