A native Indian of the Amazon jungle, Luiz was found and raised by Lucien Trumbo after his father was killed and his mother taken by Amapá tribesmen.

Trumbo gave Luiz a place to stay at his plantation, which at the time was only eight acres in size with no completed buildings. As Luiz grew he became one of Trumbo’s workers on his growing cocoa plantation, and he was immensely loyal to the man who had saved his life.

When an army of soldier ants threatened Trumbo’s land, Luiz was the only worker who chose to stay behind while the others fled to safety.

As the ants approached the plantation Luiz was sent to flood the irrigation ditches in order to force the ants toward the river, however, as they began to cross the water the ants reached Luiz and killed him as he fought to protect the plantation and only home he’d ever known.


Trumbo’s World
Lucien Trumbo
Charles Alden

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