Kate Murphy

Originally a homicide detective, Murphy played an instrumental part in the original arrest and conviction of the serial killer known as Dr. Zito. Unfortunately, however Zito’s psychological games had taken their toll on Murphy and resulted in a breakdown after which she was transferred into the narcotics division. 

As the head of the narcotics division, Murphy first met MacGyver as a reluctant participant of a Phoenix Foundation project to develop new equipment and processes to aid law enforcement. She soon found the past coming back to haunt her as both she and MacGyver worked to uncover yet another of Zito’s deadly games. 

Over time both she and MacGyver have come to appreciate their differences and now share a close friendship and professional respect for each other. 


Deadly Dreams
Lesson in Evil
MacGyver’s Women
Phoenix Foundation
Pete Thornton
Dr Zito
Kim Zimmer


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